Configuration Update Guide

The guide contains the instructions for updating the configuration of a deployed Airship environment. Please refer to Site Authoring and Deployment Guide if you do not have an Airship environment already deployed.

Update of an Airship environment consists of the following stages:

  1. Prepare the configuration: before deploying any changes, a user should prepare and validate the manifests on a build node using Airship Pegleg.

  2. Deploy the changes: during this stage, a user uploads the configuration to the Airship environment and starts the deployment using Airship Shipyard.


This guide assumes you have Airship Pegleg and Airship Shipyard tools installed and configured; please refer to Site Authoring and Deployment Guide for the details.

Configuring Airship CLI

Clone the Airship Treasuremap repository and switch to correct version.

git clone
cd treasuremap/
# List available tags.
git tag --list
# Switch to the version your site is using.
git checkout {your-tag}
# Go back to a previous directory.
cd ..

Configure environment variables with the name of your site, and specify a path to the directory where site configuration is stored; for this example, we use Airship Seaworthy site:

export SITE=seaworthy
export SITE_PATH=treasuremap/site/seaworthy

Updating the manifests

Changing the configuration consists of the following steps:

  1. Change site manifests.

  2. Lint the manifests.

  3. Collect the manifests.

  4. Copy the manifests to the Airship environment.

Linting and collecting the manifests is done using Airship Pegleg.

For this example, we are going to update a debug level for keystone logs in a site layer.


It is also possible to update the configuration in a global layer; for more details on Airship layering mechanism see Pegleg Definition Artifact Layout documentation.

Create an override file ${SITE_PATH}/software/charts/osh/openstack-keystone/keystone.yaml with the following content:

schema: armada/Chart/v1
  schema: metadata/Document/v1
  name: keystone
  replacement: true
    abstract: false
    layer: site
      name: keystone-global
      - method: merge
        path: .
  storagePolicy: cleartext
          level: DEBUG

Check that the configuration is valid:

sudo ./treasuremap/tools/airship pegleg site -r treasuremap/ \
  lint ${SITE}

Collect the configuration:

sudo ./treasuremap/tools/airship pegleg site \
  -r treasuremap/ collect $SITE -s ${SITE}_collected

Copy the configuration to a node that has the access to the site’s Shipyard API, if the current node does not; this node can be one of your controllers:

scp -r ${SITE}_collected {genesis-ip}:/home/{user-name}/${SITE}_collected

Deploying the changes

After you copied the manifests, there are just a few steps needed to start the deployment:

  1. Upload the changes to Airship Deckhand.

  2. Start the deployment using Airship Shipyard.

Install Airship CLI as described in Configuring Airship CLI section.

Set the name of your site:


export SITE=seaworthy

Configure credentials for accessing Shipyard; the password is stored in ucp_shipyard_keystone_password secret, you can find it in site/seaworthy/secrets/passphrases/ucp_shipyard_keystone_password.yaml configuration file of your site.

export OS_USERNAME=shipyard
export OS_PASSWORD={shipyard_password}

Upload the changes to Airship Deckhand:

# Upload the configuration.
sudo -E ./treasuremap/tools/airship shipyard \
    create configdocs ${SITE} --replace --directory=${SITE}_collected

# Commit the configuration.
sudo -E ./treasuremap/tools/airship shipyard commit configdocs

Run the deployment:

sudo -E ./treasuremap/tools/airship shipyard create action update_site

You can also run update_software instead of update_site which skips hardware configuration and only applies the changes to services that are running on top of Kubernetes.

Now you can track the deployment progress using the following commands:

# Get all actions that were executed on you environment.
sudo -E ./treasuremap/tools/airship shipyard get actions

# Show all the steps within the action.
sudo -E ./treasuremap/tools/airship shipyard describe action/{action_id}

All steps will have status success when the update finishes.