Deploying A Bare Metal Cluster

The instructions for standing up a greenfield bare metal site can be broken down into three high-level activities:

  1. System Requirement and Setup: Contains the hardware and network requirement and configuration, and the instructions to set up the build environment.

  2. Site Authoring Guide: Describes how to craft site manifests and configs required for a site deployment performed by Airship.

  3. Site Deployment Guide: Describes how to deploy the site utilizing the manifests created as per the Site Authoring Guide.


Bugs may be viewed and reported using GitHub issues for specific projects in Airship group:


Please refer to Airship Glossary of Terms for the terminology used in this document.


This document requires Airship Treasuremap and Airshipctl release version v2.0.0 or newer.

Airship Treasuremap reference manifests are delivered periodically as release tags in the Treasuremap Releases.

Airshipctl manifests can be found as release tags in the Airshipctl Releases.


The releases are verified by Airship in Baremetal Environment, and Airship in Virtualized Environment pipelines before delivery and are recommended for deployments instead of using the master branch directly.