Integration with Cluster API ProvidersΒΆ

The Cluster-API (CAPI) is a Kubernetes project to bring declarative, Kubernetes-style APIs to cluster creation, configuration, and management. By leveraging the Cluster-API for cloud provisioning, Airship takes advantage of upstream efforts to build Kubernetes clusters and manage their lifecycle. Most importantly, we can leverage a number of CAPI providers that already exist. This allows Airship deployments to target both public and private clouds, such as Azure, AWS, and OpenStack.

The Site Authoring Guide and Deployment Guide in this document focus on deployment on the bare metal infrastructure, where Airship utilizes the Metal3-IO Cluster API Provider for Managed Bare Metal Hardware (CAPM3) and Cluster API Bootstrap Provider Kubeadmin (CABPK).

There are Cluster-API Providers that support Kubernetes deployments on top of already provisioned infrastructure, enabling Bring Your Own bare metal use cases as well. Here is a list of references on how to use Airshipctl to create Cluster API management cluster and workload clusters on various different infrastructure providers: