Release Notes

Airship Overview

Airship is a robust system for delivering container-based cloud infrastructure (or any other containerized workload) at scale on bare metal, public clouds, and edge clouds. Airship integrates best-of-class CNCF projects, such as Cluster API, Kustomize, Metal3, and Helm Operator, to deliver a resilient and predictable lifecycle experience.

Combining easy lifecycle management with zero-downtime real-time upgrade capability, Airship can handle the provisioning and configuration of the operating system, RAID services, and the network.

Airship 2.0 (16 April 2021)

Release 2.0 introduces a variety of significant improvements:

  • No-touch bootstrap for remote sites as well as local sites

  • Declarative image building for both ephemeral ISO and bare metal targeted QCOWs

  • Declarative cluster lifecycle

  • Lifecycle for bare metal, public cloud, and edge cloud infrastructure

  • Single command line “airshipctl”

  • Lifecycle defined as a sequence of phases

  • Introduction of a plan for the phases

  • Seamless integration with CNCF projects (CAPI, Metal3, Kustomize)

  • Seamless integration with security plugins like SOPS

  • Generic container interface: mechanism to extend airshipctl with ad hoc functionality

  • Introduction of host config operator for day 2 operations

Change Log

Change logs list feature and defect details for a release. For the complete set of releases including links to change logs, see the treasuremap and airshipctl Github release pages.