airshipctl config get-context

Airshipctl command to get context(s) information from the airshipctl config


Displays information about contexts such as associated manifests, users, and clusters. It would display a specific context information, or all defined context information if no name is provided.

airshipctl config get-context CONTEXT_NAME [flags]


List all contexts
# airshipctl config get-contexts

Display the current context
# airshipctl config get-context --current

Display a specific context
# airshipctl config get-context exampleContext


    --current       get the current context
    --format yaml   supported output format yaml or `table`, default is `yaml` (default "yaml")
-h, --help          help for get-context

Options inherited from parent commands

--airshipconf string   path to the airshipctl configuration file. Defaults to "$HOME/.airship/config"
--debug                enable verbose output