airshipctl config set-management-config

Airshipctl command to create/modify out-of-band management configuration in airshipctl config file


Creates or modifies management config information based on the MGMT_CONFIG_NAME passed. The allowed set of optional flags are management-type, system-action-retries and system-reboot-delay. Use –use-proxy and –insecure to enable proxy and insecure options respectively.

airshipctl config set-management-config MGMT_CONFIG_NAME [flags]


Create management configuration
# airshipctl config set-management-config default

Create or update management configuration named "default" with retry and to enable insecure options
# airshipctl config set-management-config default --insecure --system-action-retries 40

Enable proxy for "test" management configuration
# airshipctl config set-management-config test --use-proxy


-h, --help                        help for set-management-config
    --insecure                    ignore SSL certificate verification on out-of-band management requests
    --management-type string      set the out-of-band management type (default "redfish")
    --system-action-retries int   set the number of attempts to poll a host for a status (default 30)
    --system-reboot-delay int     set the number of seconds to wait between power actions (e.g. shutdown, startup) (default 30)
    --use-proxy                   use the proxy configuration specified in the local environment (default true)

Options inherited from parent commands

--airshipconf string   path to the airshipctl configuration file. Defaults to "$HOME/.airship/config"
--debug                enable verbose output