CRD ConventionsΒΆ

Airship will use CRDs to enrich the Kubernetes API with Airship-specific document schema. Airship projects will follow the following conventions when defining Custom Resource Definitions (CRDs).

Note that Airship integrates and consumes a number of projects from other open source communities, which may have their own style conventions, and which will therefore be reflected in Airship deployment manifests. Those fall outside the scope of these Airship guidelines.

In general, Airship will follow the Kubernetes API Conventions when defining CRDs. These cover naming conventions (such as using camelCase for key names), expected document structure, HTTP request verbs and status codes, and behavioral norms.

Exceptions or restrictions from the Kubernetes conventions are specified below; this list may grow in the future.

  • The apiGroup (and apiVersion) for Airship CRDs will have values following the convention <function>